The F4P is working for effective solutions that support youth and the community affected by conflict and violence. We will focus on following issues faced by youth and the community to build a peaceful community.

Preventing & Mitigating Conflict

We aim to address conflict for  youth and vulnerable community in Bangladesh because this aligns with our commitment to peace. Following issues we are focusing to prevent conflict in Bangladesh. 

  • Conflict and Atrocities Prevention 
  • Preventing Violent Extremism 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Gender-based Violence

Resolving and Building Peace

We are working to build peace by engaging  youth and vulnerable community in Bangladesh because this aligns with our commitment to peace. Following issues we are focusing to build peace in Bangladesh.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Migration 
  • Peacebuilding

Supporting Stable, Resilient Societies

We aim to empower people in Bangladesh because this aligns with our commitment to peace  who are affected by conflict and violence. Following issues we are focusing to build peace in Bangladesh. 

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Climate Security and Natural Resource Management
  • Democracy-building
  • Gender Equality
  • Rule of Law and Institution-building


We aim to address arts and cultural INEQUALITY for  youth and vulnerable community in Bangladesh because this aligns with our commitment to EQUITY through using arts and culture as tools


We aim to address educational INEQUALITY for  youth and vulnerable community in Bangladesh because this aligns with our commitment to EQUITY 

Social Services

We aim to provide social services to the youth and vulnerable community in Bangladesh because this aligns with our commitment to empowerment of youth and the people who are affected by conflict and violence.

  • Children & Youth Services

  • Family Services & Assistance

  • Fair Employment


Women and Girls

Migrants, IDPs, and Refugees


Community Elders

What We Care For!

Sports for building peace in the community

 Sport For Peace promotes a sense of understanding and unity that transcends the divides found in typical day-to-day life in conflict communities.

Sport For Peace has an important role to play in providing a space for opposing groups to meet each other in a neutral location, a “safe space,” with pre-defined rules and set codes of behaviour. It allows social contact between communities in which relationships have been severed through violence and other forms of destructive conflict, helping youth and the community overcome negative images and stereotypes about those who have different abilities, religions, and backgrounds to build acceptance and tolerance.

With the aim of reshaping prejudices, expectations, and attitudes, Sport For Peace programmes are uniquely designed to fit the context and culture of the local communities in which they are implemented. Key outcomes of Sport For Peace include building trust and acceptance, developing respect, ensuring inclusion, and encouraging greater cooperation that tears down barriers between groups and replaces them with bridges.

Art and Culture as a tools for community building

Culture is a universal language that has the ability to overcome some of the most common and divisive barriers. Films4Peace serves to unite communities experiencing destructive conflict and provide a voice for youth, and community elders who might otherwise lack an outlet.

Activities in the arts are broad, leading  to implement projects targeting specific groups facing distinct conflicts. Painting and music, for example, have been found to be effective with youth and those suffering from traumatic experiences, while interactive role-play drama is especially effective with youth and community elders.

Arts 4 Peace activities help bring to surface many issues of conflict and violence existing in local communities, securing acknowledgement that they are happening, identifying possible responsive actions, and generating collective commitment to actively following through on agreed-upon steps. These programmes are effective both for psycho-social healing after violence and trauma, and for building trust, developing respect, and ensuring inclusion across previously divided social groups.

Advocacy 4 Peace

Advocacy is about making something important more widely known – and that is exactly what Films 4 Peace’s Advocacy For Peace aims to accomplish. From print, social, and broadcast media to rallies, marches, demonstrations, and special community events, Films 4 Peace works to build support amongst different groups for change in local community, starting at the grassroots.

The objectives of Advocacy For Peace are what make it unique. Other advocacy campaigns may be aimed at a variety of objectives – for example, advocating for better food or water. However, Advocacy For Peace campaigns must always aim to transform conflict in the communities in which F4P programmes are held, creating awareness of issues of conflict and violence in communities, shifting local perceptions, changing individual attitudes, and influencing overall behaviour.

Additionally, Advocacy For Peace serves to help raise awareness about GFP and proposed programmes, as well as to attract stakeholders, partners, and potential volunteers. From the grassroots, it is an important step in educating and recruiting volunteers, connecting with others and communicating a particular cause, and building and maintaining relationships and partnerships.

Films 4 Promoting Peace

This is the first time in Bangladesh, we  applied Participatory Film Making Program in Bangladesh for promoting peace and  inclusive governance through  Films. We will focus only on peace building and inclusive governance where we shine the light on the powerful youth who boldly express their untold stories through the medium of film for promoting peace. 

Participatory Film Making Program draws together 25 youth from all walks of life to be inspired by compelling storytelling and for them then to engage actively within their own lives and communities to make their community a better place than they found it: let’s make film 4 promoting peace. Get Involved. Change It. Action, engagement and participation are our bywords. We are looking for youth who have passion on films, photography, television and have stories that make us laugh, think, cry, sit taller in our seats and ask, “What can I do 4 peace in my community

Dialogue 4 Peace

Dialogue is a process for creating new understanding and new knowledge – it is about shared learning. As such, Films 4 Peace’s Dialogue For Peace facilitates effective intra- and inter-group sessions with older youth and community elders, deepening understanding and supporting changes in personal perceptions and relationships.

Embracing the principles and practices of “transformative dialogue,” Dialogue For Peace programmes create a safe space in which participants can engage in an honest exchange of ideas, all while remaining neutral, non-directive, and non-prescriptive. The end goal is not necessarily settlement or complete reconciliation, but rather the very significant step of transformation in conflict interactions between the parties

Empowering Community for PEACE

Empowerment revolves around the concept of giving strength and skills to those who might not even realise they have them, and Films4 Peace’s Empowerment For Peace does just that. By creating and putting on activities that build the life skills and capacities of youth and community elders who are trapped in conflict due to lack of power, influence, economic status, or specific vulnerabilities, these programmes equip participants with what they need to break cycles of conflict in their daily lives.

Empowerment For Peace is first and foremost a vehicle for peacebuilding, meaning that any activities must contribute to a peacebuilding objective. These activities can include education, vocational training, or income-generating techniques that are combined with conflict transformation education to reinforce personal responsibility, individual capability, and group cooperation. Situations addressed by the programmes include gender inequality, domestic violence, gang crime, or violence as a means of earning money or protection.

Working both from the grassroots and through partnerships with local organisations, Empowerment For Peace provides participants with the appropriate technical capacity-building inputs and secure viable economic opportunities while engaging them with the opportunity to build connections between otherwise divided groups, prompting support for long-term peacebuilding activities.