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Youth Peace Films
Building peace together
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Youth Peace Films
Building peace together
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Youth Peace Films
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Youth Peace Films
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Promote inclusive governance through Youth Peace Films

About the Youth Peace Films

This is the first time in Bangladesh, we organized Participatory Film Making Program in Bangladesh for promoting inclusive governance through Youth Peace Films. We will focus only on inclusive governance where we shine the light on the powerful youth who boldly express their untold stories through the medium of film for promoting peace. 

Participatory Film Making Program draws together 25 youth from all walks of life to be inspired by compelling storytelling and for them then to engage actively within their own lives and communities to make their community a better place than they found it: let’s make film 4 promoting peace. Get Involved. Change It. Action, engagement and participation are our bywords. We are looking for youth who have passion on films, photography, television and have stories that make us laugh, think, cry, sit taller in our seats and ask, “What can I do 4 peace in my community?


If we build capacity of youth on participatory film making and storytelling on inclusive governance, peace and tolerance then they will produce short films on various local issues and disseminate the films through various media to promote inclusive governance because enhanced knowledge and skills of youth peace film makers will enable them to raise local issues along with probable solutions which will contribute to address poor governance / promote inclusive governance.       

Youth peace films 


Selection of 25 youth participants regardless of gender, religion and ethnicity with a call for application through online and personal communication and build capacity of 25 youth in participatory film making  from Cox’s bazar and surrounding areas, Two-day long a workshop on participatory film making with 25 youth, One-day long a storytelling/ message development workshop with 25 youth, Make 5 short films on local issues up to 5 minutes each by youth groups. Conduct field test in 5 locations with target audience, technical screening to receive feedback, premier show in Cox’s bazar, 20 community screening and 5 special screening seminar with upazila administration, local government elected body, civil society, youth leaders, media   to promote inclusive governance, peace and tolerance


The project main goal is to promote inclusive governance through Youth Peace Films. The main objective of the project is to produce short films focusing on inclusive governance, peace and tolerance through building capacity of 25 youth in participatory film making from Cox’s bazar and surrounding areas and they produced five films that make huge contribution for promoting inclusive governance, peace and tolerance. They focused five most important problems from their community in Cox’s Bazar and possible solution through the films. Most of the film makers are now actively engaged in film making on community problems and they are screening and broadcasting the films through social media and community screening on different issues related to inclusive governance, peace and tolerance.  The Fiction Jibon o Golpo motivated most of the community youth at school and college and encourage them to tolerate for any challenges they face and go for alternative livelihood option. The Host and the Humanity films are highly appreciated by Mr. Abul Kalam, Commissioner, Office of the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commission (RRRC) and requested to arrange screening into the Rohingya refugee camp. Broken Dream also aware potential youth regarding the human trafficking through Bay of Bengal and finally the film Facebook focused on lack of digital literacy.

Its key features were formation of peace, inclusive governance developing the capacity of understanding of culture.  Key messages were –

  • Youth leadership development
  • Youth Empowerment and tolerance education
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Develop leadership qualities of the young people of selected university increasing their potential for taking on positive roles in promote positive lifestyles and social cohesion through film

It was observed that involving youth in promoting inclusive governance, increasing civic engagement, building peace and opposing extremism for sustainable development in Bangladesh is essential. This requires a new generation of tolerance promotion activists which this project promoted. It is also observed that film is a very effective tool to promote peace. For example, in the project, the target number of audiences in each event was set only 30, but in practice, it experienced on average more than 200 community people participated in each film screening, organized by Young Peace Film makers and audience responded to act for promoting inclusive governance and peace promotion.

Community  reviews

What people say?

The messages of these films are very intriguing. Within 5 minutes, each films are providing very powerful message effectively that will help the target audience to act. I am promising here that The Host and The Humanity will screen at the Rohingya Refugee camp. Though these films are meant to screen only in Cox’s Bazar, but, I think, these should get screened all through the country. These five films have the potentiality to promote peace in the society.
Mr. Mohammad Abul Kalam
Additional Secretary and Commissioner (RRRC)
We need to create a platform for the youth otherwise they may lose their way. These twenty-five youth are the future of our country. We need to continue our support to engage these youth for social change activities through making and screening films. We believe that 25 youth can contribute to make a decent world.
Rokeya Prachy
Filmmaker, veteran actor and theatre artist

Youth Peace Film Makers